Southwest Florida

Walkway Paver Installation

We install brick pavers for walkways around the home. Brick pavers, also known as pavestones, are highly durable and ideal for walkways because they are easy to create custom shapes, width and lengths. They are ideal for hot climates. They also offer additional benefits of natural drainage, so they are perfect for yard areas of the home.
Our brick installation process includes:

  • Material ordering and delivery of brick pavers
  • Marking for utilities and excavation of the ground cover
  • Paver Installation

Southwest Florida Walkway Paver Installation from Solid Pave
Interlocking Brick Pavers Done Right

Frequently Asked Questions

The Installation cost of brick pavers for your walkway is well worth the investment. They offer versatility and are available in a variety of colors to compliment the home or building structure. They can be customized with patterns and trims and easily be expanded to add brick walkways, brick stairs and other features.
Initially installing pavers is generally a higher cost, however the installation is the same as poured concrete, but brick pavers are a long-lasting solution, durable and much easier to repair or expand.
Brick pavers offer better drainage than concrete making them ideal for Florida weather conditions.
Brick pavers on average can easily last 40 years or longer. If any area sinks or becomes damaged, they are easy to replace.
Brick pavers need little maintenance. You can power wash pavers if over time they become dirty or stained. You can also choose to seal them.
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